Sunday, September 4, 2011

Expression without Words

As his language skills drag behind other kids, he takes haven in art and legos as a medium for creation and expression.

Lego Helicopter

A Fish with Pokadots

He's sweet and sour.  Super troublesome one minute, then kissing you all over the next.  If you can get past the messy mayhem, the reward is more than worth it.
Throughout the day he'll drop to the floor saying 'my knee hurts, I can't walk.'  He'll sit there pitifully begging for mercy, staring at himself crying in the mirror, like an actor peeking at the crowd's reaction.  Sometimes he'll speak nonsense with conviction like its a totally normal part of the conversion.

Thomas the Tank Engine Heading to the Station
Me: "Kaio, how many grapes do you want?"

Kaio (looking off in another direction like he's addressing an audience): "Because the sun was very happy and the moon was very happy too mommy." and he looks back at me, eyes perked, expecting a response.

Kaio at the Beach.  with nipples and belly button

He likes to be off in his own little world alot muttering, acting things out.  Mari and I were possibly probably the same way when we were kids.

So unconventional moments when he's present or aware of social cues strike me with surprise and joy.  Like yesterday we were riding in the car on a perfect 78 degree day, with the windows open.  He closed his window and I heard, "Nala, you don't like the wind?  The wind is bothering you?"

Lego train, totally from his head
 He noticed from her face that she was not happy with all the blowing and chose to accommodate her.
Wow. now that's a milestone and these events are happening with more and more frequency.
I know you're like, BIG DEAL... whatever.
But for me, that seemed stupendous like a kid who just crossed the monkey bars for the first time.  

Bob the Builder Building a House

Lightning McQueen #95
We confused his brain with way too many languages when he was a baby (Romanian nanny, Portuguese in the afternoons, English daycare at 16 months).  We see him struggling to find words for the things he wants to express.  Sometimes he stumbles mid sentence and ends up falling back on a catch phrase like, "because... because... It makes me feel silly." So when he manages to say something unique and appropriate, well those are the kind of moments when Mari and I or mom and I glance at each other nodding and smiling ear to ear with gratification for the cuteness that just happened.

plane and train
At the end of the school year he was just starting to paint pictures of helicopters.  Now all summer he's been drawing and building things with legos every day.

I think his art reflects his growing imagination and style.  I'm so impressed by his ability and the way he excels in non-verbal intelligences (like sports, climbing and drawing).   He's a great kiddo and I'm so freggin enamored:)
helicopter Carrying Angry Birds

A Car Race with the #95 Car in the Lead

A Jet Airplane with the Landing Gear out
Jet Airplane no Landing Gear

Two Copters with Seats

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