Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camping at Assateague Island

Camping with kids can be tough work.  "Don't play with those mushrooms growing on the horse poo! Wash your hands!  No jumping on the inflatable mattress!"  Bugs and dirt and peeing in the dark.  It's just tough being out of your comfortable element.  Nature doesn't feel so 'natural' anymore.

But both Mari and I really enjoyed camping pre-kids and we've continued to venture out at least once a year since Kaio was born.
Recently we traveled to Assateague Island for a night on the marsh and two days on the beach.  Here are some photos from our vaca.

 Home to wild ponies.

Mari cooked up some Brazilian style churrasco.

Nala helped set up and break down the tent.  We all slept in the same tent and same bed, but soon realized we're ready to graduate to separate spaces.  We just can't all fit in a full, and we never could comfortably.  So next trip we'll need to invest in a second tent for the kids, or ideally one of the dual chamber tents.  You know, the minivan of tents.  It looks completely overkill and ridiculous until you have kids and then realize YOU NEED ONE.

The sight was great, not too hot, wide open, nice views.  

That was, until the ponies attacked us!  They came over as we were eating breakfast.  And we're like, "awe how cute."  Until, "hey, wait a minute, that's our food!"  They just started eating things directly off our table! Eating the mash mellows and chocolate, bag and all.  Crunching through the box of graham crackers with their long snouts and big teeth.  
Rangers came in a golf cart and started honking and advancing towards them,  'HONK Honk honk HOONKK!' The ponies finally mosied away.  'HONK Honk honk HOONKK!'  The kids loved it!  

I wonder what Kaio's teachers will think when he starts saying things at school like, "Horses like marsh mellows and chocolate."

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