Monday, December 8, 2014

Baby Tori

Two months and we've come so far in such a short amount of time.  From walking up and down the hall that first night with a baby that wouldn't stop crying, wondering what I'd gotten myself into.  To the night long sleeping beauty who smiles and coos all day long.  Can't get enough of this baby girl.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Blue Hair

The first week of Kaio's birth his god-mother, Merlin, declared that someday she'd give him a blue Mohawk.  I forgot about that, but Merlin didn't.  So this week when he suggested, or maybe she did, I don't know, dreams came true.

We went out for lunch with matching blue hair.  With my big belly, and his blue do, people get out of the way in fear.  They have no idea how docile we are.  The host at the restaurant sported some 3 gauge ear plugs and told Kaio that he liked his hair.

and through all this, Merlin's in love with a guy 3000miles away.  But thanks to modern texting, they can still make each other's hearts flutter all day long.  Here's her I'm-smitten face.

I'm just going to distract myself coloring in this dragonfly.

Next stop skate park.

And today the apple orchard.

Iron Man landing.

A blue streak running into the distance down the rows of golden delicious.  He loves his hair.  Everywhere we go people comment and tell him they like it.  The cashier at Whole Food yesterday called me the coolest mom.  My own mom, however, is pissed and not hiding the fact.  She totally ignored Kaio the first day.  But I think she's warming up to it and discovering that blue dye isn't all that weird this day in age.  


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