Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beach of Harmony

A buffalo towing our car out of the mud
I returned from a vacation to visit Mariano's family in Brazil last week.  We were there for a little over two weeks and since I've been back people have been commenting on how much happier I seem.  Well it must be the vacation because not much else has changed.  I actually loved it and it was worth the pain of traveling with children.  Although Kaio struck sick the first week and that was really scary.  He was coughing persistently and with a high fever.  And of course the thermometer was in Celsius, whatever the hell that means, so I was lost.  He ended up getting bronchitis.  We stuffed him full of drugs after none of the natural remedies worked.  It took him a while to start having fun.  It took all of us a while to start having fun after that.

We visited Marajo Island and I fell in love with it.  The beach was gorgeous.  And better yet there are very few cars on the island.  Everyone gets around with bicycles!  I totally fell in love and want to move there.  I spent the rest of the vacation trying to convince my man of this.  I would really like to.  He wants to secure some way to make money first, ideally by getting his pilot's license.  I hope that he does soon.  The only problem is that we are really stuck to our house right now because we are in the red.  I'm not sure exactly how to make it work, but I am inspired!

This island has one of the lowest GDPs in Brazil but the highest life span.  People a truly happy there and there is no hunger, no homelessness.  It seemed as if poverty did not exist even though people do not have money.  I felt like it is a really beautiful place to live and be happy.  What do we need all this money for anyway?  The island is exactly in tune with my current values: to live simply and free of pollution and chemicals.  I want to move there!


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