It's been a process of constant change, development and evolution, but at this point you could call us unschoolers.  I took Kaio out of school mid year in Kindergarten and it still seems like we're deschooling and might be deschooling for the next year or so.  Here are links to some posts that have explored the different things we've been dealing with, and I hope they help you in your own schooling journey.

  1. We're Homeschooling - Pictures from our first day
  2. Trust, Avidya, Freedom - Contemplating Radical Unschooling, testing children is an invasion of their personal freedom, trust in the true nature of a child, life can be all fun and games.
  3. Old and Stinky - Emotional breakdowns and the attachment cycle
  4. The Beginning of Nature School - The less traditional academic we get, the more right life feels
  5. Instill Independence Fearlessness, Good Decisions and Safety - De Ja Vu parenting moments when you sound exactly like your parents.  How do you balance freedom and safety?
  6. Activities for Learning - Coming to the conclusions of taking pressure of the parent to feed information to the kids and create cute craft activities every day.
  7. Cookie Stand School - Once when I was doubting we'd have sufficient evidence of progress with our unschooling approach, a mom said to me, "You need to find someone with an educational degree to give you all the buzz words that put what you are doing into school speak."  This activity was an example of that, exactly the type of interdisciplinary cross-subject learning that public school are trying to move towards.

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