Thursday, February 21, 2013

We're Homeschooling!

The law of least resistance

 Graphing our snack

The "Classroom" we created in the guest room 

One of our quails was looking very sick earlier this week and we brought him inside to watch.  For a two days he was barely breathing or moving.  But today he few out of his respite box a couple times.

The kids played with him and he was a good sport about it

Today we brought him back out with his buddies

Who is heavier?

I'd planned on taking them skiing today but something came up.  So we took an afternoon visit to Frying Pan Park.  We were the only people there.

Kaio really likes being outside and climbing.

I love this picture, she looks like she knows what's up.
I still have to do some deep soul searching to figure out what kind of homeschoolers we are.  I made this decision very quickly and didn't have a plan or curriculum lined up.  So far we've just been carrying on with work Kaio's teachers gave me along with a loose structure around the day.  But I feel like there is some bigger experience out there to be had.  Some greater purpose in each of us that shines out when nourished.  I'd like to figure this out, I feel it but have no idea what it looks like.

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