Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Live a Little, Enjoy the Moment

"It's a perfect day for flying a kite mom!"

knee-jerk, lazy me thought, "dammit Nala, it's 20 degrees plus freggin windy, and I haven't even eaten breakfast yet.  It is NOT a perfect time for flying a kite."

Internal carefree me corrected my thoughts, "Live a little, don't be so lazy, enjoy the moment, listen to your kid and let her energy guide you."

The best thing about having your fingers ice stiff from untangling kite string:


A day earlier, I let Kaio skip school to play in the snow.

"Hey, I want to try that!"

It has been so cold and colorless outside, when Nala suggested a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store, it sounded like a good idea for once.  Of course, they had to be pink.

Then I get to have a fancy lunch date with my girlfriend.

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