Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mom, I Want to Be Married to You

Another mother once told me that when boys are five they go through an I want to marry mom phase.  Well it seemed like this wasn't going to happen since Kaio's reaction to Tia Cela's wedding, where he cried after walking down the isle, saying "I don't want to be married.  I don't want to be married to Nala." or anyone else, we determined.

A couple months later the kids and I were chatting and marriage came up again.  Kaio firmly and with a hint of dread in his voice whined, "I don't want to be married."
Me: Ever?
Kaio: Never.
Me: What about you Nala?

She looked at me with pouting eyes, "But mom, no boy wants to marry me."

oh man.  We could be having that conversation again in 5 year, then in 5 more, and 5 more.
How typical for the man to have commitment issues.  And Nala's only 3 and worried about not having a boy to marry!

I looked at her and said, "Oh dear, it's a long road ahead girlfriend."

Then a month ago Kaio changed his tune and started saying, "I want to marry tia Marcela."
Nala would quickly retort, "But Kaio, you can't marry tia Marcela, she's big.  She's too big for you."

Meaning, you're just a kid and she's an adult and you can't marry her.  Love that kid logic.

Then this week he has been saying in such a sweet voice, "Mom, I love you.  I want to be married to you."
This came after a week of asking me, "Mom, do you love dad?  Do you want to be married to him?"

He'd ask Mari similar questions.  We just answered when they came up.  Well, I guess he decided that marriage might not be so bad!

Mari tells Kaio I'm taken.  Then Kaio says he wants to marry Nala.  She says she wants to marry him, and I'm left to explain that brother and sister can't get married.  This doesn't seem to compute because they keep bringing it up.

It's super cute.  And I guess my boy did get to the I love mommy phase.

The other mother said to eat it up because after this phase boys don't want to be cuddled anymore.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scott's Mill Trail

Every year I manage to drag the family away from the Netflix and out to my favorite local swimming hole.

It's about a half mile hike and scramble.  This year the kids made it there and back no problem.

I don't think you're actually permitted to swim.

But people do.  We were not the only ones.

Kaio showing off that he doesn't sink anymore.

Nature's playground

It feeds into the Potomac.  You could call it poor man's Great Falls.

I don't know of many natural spots to swim in Northern VA.  So this place is nice.


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