Getting Acquainted

Hi!  Thanks for checking out my blog! 
I'm 30ish with two kids, Kaio (6) and Nala (4), trying to get by doing as much good and as little bad as possible, setting a good example for my kids, and having fun in the process. We're currently living in a suburban duplex with a little space but a big yard. My mom lives below us when she's not traveling around the world. My hubby is from the Amazon region of Brazil, we met when I studied there.  But now he's very Americanized.   I recently left the corporate IT world to be a full time mom and part-time acupuncture and oriental medicine student.  I also study and teach yoga!

contact me at: granolafunkmama(at)

Why Granola Funk?
Cause I'm a modern, funky, hippy and I used to go to Rainbow Gatherings.  Someday I hope to make it out west to Burning Man.

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