Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Stage of Life

I must be entering a new stage of life.

One where the orchids bloom and the bird feeders hang full of seeds, frequented by birds.

The house seems tidier, all though still probably not close your your standards.

Today we dropped almost everything planned to do and stuck around the house.  Despite the lazy home day, I managed to connect with each kid, and that made the day feel like a success.  We were mostly out of food like milk, yogurt, bread, veggies, and everything.  So I made vegan chocolate cookies for breakfast.  Which seemed like a good idea, but the lame breakfast left me so tired out that I couldn't rally the kids for a trip to the grocery store.  We had some frozen entrees in the freezer, a carrot and 2 last leafs of lettuce, which served for lunch but still not nutrient dense enough to wake me up.  After lunch, chores and reading I took a long nap on the sofa while the kids played.  We finally made it out to the grocery store at 6:30pm.

Nala did my nails and I love them.

Kaio wanted to be camouflaged and then hunt an animal, like a deer or rabbit with his blow gun.

So we went on a hunt.

The hops are also blooming

and the birdhouse has something strange sticking out of it.

And I think Mari's entering a new stage in life too.  He's been so energized lately and so especially happy playing with the kids.  Maybe it's because they are older and more engaging now, or maybe there's been a shift in him.  I mean, he's always been a great dad.  But this summer he spends less down time in front of the computer and phone.  He takes Nala out on bike rides for ice cream, takes Kaio paddleboarding, initiates nerf gun wars throughout the house before bed.  Maybe it's because he dropped his cell phone in the Potomac?  Maybe because he's been working out more and taking vitamins?  Maybe he's thirty now.  I don't know, but the kids adore him.

Crossbow with added magnifying site (ducktaped and invented by Kaio).

Ninjas at midnight

Here's to hydration

Nala too enters a new stage of life.  She starts kindergarten in less than a week.  As the time looms, I keep trying to persuade her to homeschool.  But she's adamant and excited about going to public school.  I know it will be good for her as public school is a perfect fit for kids like Nala.  Kids who follow rules without asking why, kids who love circle time and craft activities, kids who can be social with pretty much anyone.  I just really hope that the kids there don't mess with her sweetness, or deteriorate her creativity.  

She's so stylish.

She lovingly saved this tomato plant from dying and it bore this huge orange tomato.

She loves to pretend to be animals.

She's quirky.

I think I need to get her a real baby carrier.

We'll see how it goes!  I hope she loves it.


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