Saturday, August 5, 2023

Summer Girl Weekend

Yes it's been over two year since I've written. I was thinking tonght about sitting down to write because I'm on a trip with Nala and Tori to visit with mom. Getting to connect with the girls intergenerationally feels very special. It struck me how rare this weekend is, and how it might be the only time we do something like this. We just sang Karaoke songs together and danced, Nala was smiling, and I just felt so happy to have her smiling and wanting to hang out with me. This fall she starts highschool and I'm so worried about her. I remember how crazy highschool was for me, and I just hope she has a healthier experience. I'm glad that we're getting to do a few things together, and mom is showing her and Tori that they are always welcome. 

Relationships with moms is always kind of an ackward thing, right? I have to figure out how to not make it weird with my kids.



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