Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rated E for Evil

I'd like to take the video game, rip it out of the computer, smash it with a meat tenderizer, and run over it with my car.  The Evil video game has kidnapped my husband and keeps him tied down in the office all day and night.  It never permits him free to play with the children.  Never authorizes him to cuddle and watch TV with me.  That evil game restrains him until the wee hours of the morning, working to build and conquer civilizations of the past.

Three weeks now as a full time stay at home mama.  And I promised myself I wouldn't become the bitchy, needy wife: "Honey you're never home.  Honey, why didn't you call."

But lordy, I've had to bite my lip a couple times over the last two weeks.  Especially after the second Friday night alone.  Last Friday the living room was covered in legos, pillows, puppets, and three types of train sets.  Exhausted after 12 hours of playing with the kids, but I just couldn't leave the mess for the morning.

"Come on kids, lets clean up the mess."

deaf ears.   giggles in the distance.  sound of toy cars on hard wood.

"Come on kids, lets clean up."

sound of 30lb kid jumping on bed.  more giggles.

and then I lost my cool.

"You ungrateful little brats, I spend all day cooking for you and taking you to the pool and now you expect me to clean up by myself.  Get over here!"

Kaio comes to help.  "Ok mom, I'll help you.  Don't be mad.  Calm down."


Then he plops on the floor, picks up some track and a train like he's about to put them away in the orange basket. But.... fake out... he starts lining up the engine, passenger car, caboose, "Hello Percy, can you deliver the mail...."


It wasn't so much that I was mad at the kids.  They were just being carefree and egocentric.  I really shouldn't expect otherwise.  Nope, I was 'grrrring'  at the thought of Mari, off hanging out with his buddies, talking about how great it is to be married or making fart jokes (yeah that's probably more likely).

After some stomping, huffing and puffing that, thankfully, the kids didn't appear to take personally; we had the living room clean.

And I decided I need a monthly girls night out.

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