Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cage for the Quails

We based our cage off of best practices but a predator still got in! Mari modified an aviary I scored on craigslist for our new quail enclosure.  The quail experts on forum recommend raising quails on grading because it keeps them clean and sanitary.  Mari tried a couple ideas for building an on-ground system, but wasn't finding something that worked.  We decided to go with the raised cage in the mean time since at least we know they'll be safe.
Blocking the view of our clandestine operation from the neighbors and street
Or so we thought...
Small Black Rat Snake with 3 Young Quails in the Belly
Sneaky snake made it through .5" grading!  He ate three, yes three, of the little quails in one night!  We couldn't believe it.  Three bumps in his belly.  

Since their cage habitat seems so unnatural, I wanted to give them some toys to stimulate their little brains.  They loved pecking at the sparkly and shiny yarn.  

Obviously I'm not that smart myself because I didn't realize the quails might actually ingest the string.  When I checked on them in the afternoon, two quails had string stuck in their mouths and were playing tug-o-war to get unstuck.  The poor little dudes.  I cut the strings, they ate them and are fine now.  

Nothing can save them from my stupidity.

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