Sunday, September 18, 2011

Heading to Brazil

Did I mention we head to Brazil in a couple weeks?  Last trip I walked on the plane, wistful to pack up our home and immigrate back BEACH of HARMONY.  These recent two weeks gurgled by with mayhem of Kaio starting afternoon preschool and me trying to get paperwork kosher for our visas.  You don't want to know about the bombshell pain in the @s$ I sustained from the Consulate.  I trucked in to DC three times in the last week, kids in tow.  Four agencies, 2 trips to CVS for passport photos, 5 parking meters, and $480 later; we should be cleared for take-off (knock on wood)  Ahhh  Breath!  It's going to be worth it once we're there with grandma to bear hug the little ones.

Very special beech on an Island that only got on the grid two years ago (Algodual)

When your post office address is: That third house to the left of the big mango tree, 5 kilometers downriver from Bragas

A small shanty town by the port in Manaus

My favorite building in Belem, a tree grows inside.  I'm plan on taking a better pic this year

Over 30 types of fruit pulp for sale, freshly pressed from fruits grown on nearby islands

The natural remedies section of the ver-o-peso (translates to "see the weight") market.  Everything from cough medicine to herbal viagra 

Busy streets of Belem

yuuuuummmmy coconut water for sale in the old town

fishing boats docked at the old town

Favorite past time.  Usually women do not go to the games, but American girls make the exception

Sleeping in hammocks

Dusk on the streets of Manaus
All these pictures were from my trip in 2005 with a $500 Sony Cyber Shot, smaller than the SLRs but manual features and a nice lens.  My compact Kodak camera during the 2007 and 2009 trips just didn't cut it.  I couldn't find a single crisp shot worth posting.  I'm hoping to happen upon some nice photogenic opportunities this time around with my Cannon D-SLR.  Just gotta keep the big camera incognito.
2005 me (pre-kids)

Yoga Instructor Training begins next weekend.  Let's forecast some yoga related postings in the future.

Today I attended an Open House for the local acupuncture school I daydream of attending.  They're extremely inviting, AND offered me a work study opportunity :).  We didn't discuss details but made a date to come back in after Brazil.  My long term vision: to enroll full time and work towards the Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine once both kids are in school.

But it doesn't take much to inspire me.  Give me a slide presentation on your Acupuncture school accompanied by some dope Korean food, and I'm about ready to sign up.  I've been deliberating a career in acupuncture for 4 years now.  If I'd taken the leap back then, I'd have a practice today.   I'm still loving being a Full Time Mama.  You'd have to drag me back to IT Quality Assurance kicking, screaming, with fingernails scratching down the sides of the wall.  But Nala's still three years off from kindergarten, so maybe I could fit in a couple evening classes to get rolling down the path to the promise land.

And finally,  Kaio strapped on his cleats (a freecycle score - hells yeah!) for our first ever soccer class (also free).  Can you tell I'm stoked with taping into the cost-less area resources?
training for World Cup

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