Monday, September 12, 2011

No Where I'd Rather Be Than in His Arms

Brevity of life salient in the air, all the usual excuses just didn't seem appropriate.  I repressed the prudence and apprehensiveness, relaxed and went with the flow.  We ended up doing it in the morning and night.  Twice a day with two kids is a pretty certifiable achievement!  I try to keep my man happy, however there's a to-do list in the back of my head, tugging and getting in the way much of the time.
But on the 10th anniversary of Sept 11, brevity of life salient in the air, love is all that matters.

Tonight in bed I heard fire engines racing down the road.  "Could it be an attack?"
"Do you want to stop?"
"No, they'll stop."

Then later a deep noise like steady thunder rumbled.  "What's that noise?"
"It's just a plane passing."

Memories of the people's lives changed forever surface unabating.  I couldn't escape the images of war.  But knew that if this was the end of the world, there's no where I'd rather be than in his arms.

On that day 10 years ago I attended college in Oregon.  I remember waking up energized and determined to  be really productive.  The sky was, unusual for Oregon: blue as a delicate baby's iris.

Mari and I met one year and a couple months after Sept 11.  As quickly as time passes, that feels like ages
and pages
turned in books finished
put aside by the bed
pick up new ones to start reading again

He's my bedrock, soft and shaped from stream water flowing over millions of years.
So stable, not even roots of trees creeping beneath could dislodge
I found him a rock among others, but so stunning he slipped in my hand and felt like a piece of me
And I merged him into my heart

One of my friends asked me if we'd still be together if we didn't have kids and I told her that's just too hard to know.  We bucked down and dedicated to each other to raise the kids together no matter what.  Would the connection have stayed so strong without the little hearts beating Saturn rings around us?

I thought about this all weekend.
And concluded that we would certainly be together strong.

A couple years ago I accidentally dropped my wedding ring in the sink disposal.  I thought I lost it gardening in the yard and bought a metal detector off Ebay to look for it.  In the mean time the ring bounced around the disposal.  When we finally noticed the noise and pulled it out, it had morphed into a twisted piece of broken metal.  The white and yellow gold indistinguishable.  I could have bought a new ring.  But we took it to a goldsmith to reshape.  The symbol of our marriage fished from the trash; dull, rough and rumpled.
It seemed too truthful to deny, what marriage is shinny and perfect till the end?
I wont pretend
But I'm happy to say
we're still madly in love today.

On Sept 11, 2011 We planned to get away from the city.  I was worried about another attack and wanted to get out of dodge.  We hopped on 66 West without a plan, just intent, "kids, we're heading to the mountains to hike."
Luckily technology lends to slackers and we could plan on route.  Android found a hike for us, exit 18, turn right and                BAM! huge sign: "Apples"  "Peaches"  "Pick your own"
Mari's not one for last minute change of plans but he looked at me, "Should we check it out?"
Nala is loca for peaches and Kaio could eat four apples a day.  As soon as I said, "Peaches"  Nala sat up, "I love peaches!  I want a peach!"
He flipped a U on a little one lane road.

A magical day, so happy to be living in this beautiful place.  So thankful to be healthy and safe.

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