Saturday, April 28, 2012

Child-Led Learning

She was sure these were armadillo tracks.

We outfitted the whole family with second hand roller skates and blades for $30.

Sunday, they kept telling me it was their birthday.  So finally we made a cake.  Using this awesome easy flowerless cupcake recipe from Elena's Pantry.  Kaio decorated it with an angry bird of strawberries.  They wanted to invite friends over for the party.  Maybe if we lived on a commune that would have been possible.

She had no idea what this was, she just liked it cause it's pink, of course.  Amazingly we visited Toys R Us without buying a thing.  Just checked out the toys.  That's some major self control.  Also shows that the kids are starting to understand economics a bit even if they don't have all the words to explain it.  We took a couple shopping trips: to Unique Thrift store and Target.  Both places I wouldn't dare venture with ease in the past.  But this week they astonished me by prioritizing and choosing what they really wanted based on budget.

Her own watering can, sparkling shoes, and a second hand dress.  That's a happy girl.

As Nischala Joy Devi writes in The Secret Power of Yoga: A Woman's Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras:

A generous sprinkling of "Yes" throughout your life encourages openness and adventure as it leaves the door open for new possibilities. "Yes" also encourages us to surrender the idea of control and let the heart take over.  Life is never dull when you use "Yes" frequently.

I've been letting the kids lead me and we've been having a blast.  

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