Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Quails

Chubby hands and a tiny blond quail that's less than a day old.

They start by cracking a tiny hole in the egg.  Then they slowly chisel their way around the circumference until they can pop the top off like a jewelry box.

This one couldn't seem to get out.  So I tried to help him by picking off some of the shell.  As I'm writing this, he still hasn't hatched yet.  I'm a little nervous to help too much and hurt him.  So I put him back in the incubator and added a wet sock to turn up the humidity.  That should make he shell softer.

As soon as they pop out they start to grow, and you can't imagine them fitting inside one of those little eggs.

We incubated around 60 eggs, and so far around 36 have hatched.  They're impossible to count or name!

They kid take such good care of them.  Can you see the playground we built above? And here's their rocket ship:

Then Kaio said they need astronaut suits.  I'm not sure how that's going to work!

We had a little photo op with the different varieties.  Here's a white one.

This one looks like a Tuxedo.

Happy birthday baby quails!  We're making you a worm cake to celebrate.

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