Monday, May 14, 2012

When You Give a Three Year Old a Camera

I have an old Nikon point and shoot, a nice camera actually, with a slight lens cap malfunction.  So instead of selling it for cheap, we decided to give it to Nala.  She loves it.  I took a peek at the photos she took on her own.  To my surprise they're not just random snaps.  Looks like she really thought about what she was trying to capture and how to set up the shoots.  Pretty cool for a three year old.

The first photo, me, a little blurry.

 Then she starts to experiment with feet.  "I'm taking a picture of my pajama feet!"

 The feet walking

 Then her favorite toy, Pink Dragon, ready for a photo shoot

 Then Pink Dragon flying.  And I love the symmetry between the feet walking and dragon flying pictures.

 A Pink Dragon closeup

 A shot of the quails in their brooder.  Little poop monsters.


And daddy gets a shot of the little girl.  Looks like she's been giving herself haircuts again.

And then a shot of mom and daughter on mother's day.  

I found a bag of my old leotards from gymnastics and dance.  Nala's been dressing up and begging me to dress up too so we can have little ballet competitions.    She wins my old medals.  Amazingly one of the dance costumes still fits me.  I guess I really haven't grown much since middle school *sigh*.

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