Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Makes You Special?

I'm filling out a form for preschool and it asks: write a short description of your child, including what makes her/him special.

I decided to ask her first.

Me, "Nala what makes you special?"
Nala, "Hearts.  Hearts make you special."
Me, "Why does your heart make you special?"
Nala, "Because it's big."
Me, "How big?"
Nala, "This big."

Me, "Bigger than your body?"
Nala, "Yes, bigger than your body."

Seriously, how does she know so much and how did she figure this out already?


  1. I love your kid. Can I steal her, just for a day or two? Seriously, kids are the best thing on earth, aren't they?

  2. That is very sweet! Those forms are always hilarious to me - they want me to describe, in fifty words or less, what makes my child special? Please, it would take a novel!

  3. You are one lucky mom. Bless your child for having a big heart !



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