Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Call Me Queen Mom

Have to say that I like being called a queen.  And amazing that just a couple days ago I took a trip to the International Space Station as an astronaut.  Then this afternoon I spent as castle royalty, entertained by a wizard and knight.  I've got some pretty lofty tittles to add to the resume.

This has all been initiated by our brave knight pictured below.
 Brave and fierce, ready to fight off the vikings.

I was sure she'd want to be a princess, but surprisingly she asked for help making a wizard hat.  Then she decorated it with stickers and grabbed her spell book and wand.

She cast a spell on me, turning me into a monkey.  And she put on a magic show making things appear and disappear (by draping a piece of paper over them.  It was a super cute idea)
 Queen mom.  I got to design my own crown.

Such a full day, that started with a naturalist presentation on little forest creatures.  Kaio loved petting and checking out the Hissing Cockroach 

Then he want to school and Nala asked for a trip to the farm. This baby wanted milk but the mom ran away.  That's so mean!

She loves corn.

We came home and got crafty.


Yesterday we made a blow rocket.

Which is Mari's new favorite toy.  He's planning a paintball style outdoor battle hunt.

Imaginations have been running wild.  It's exhausting to keep up.  But it's my job as queen :).

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