Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BC Friends Make life Worth Living

Oxytocin, called the 'love hormone' because it is released after female orgasm and when breastfeeding.  It is also released when hanging out among female friends.

Friendships make life worth living.

I invited some good BC (Before Children) girl friends to Nala's birthday party.

They sat on the sofa, just chatting about boys and work.  Not dividing their attention between the conversation and the mischief of a child. Not having to keep an eye on any little rug rat or munchkin.  Not having to break mid-thought to grab a toddler from sticking little fingers in the birthday cake.

Not even knowing what to do with a little drooling creature.

It was like Sex and the City.  Four girls, long time friends forever shimmying and rocking through life.  It's fabulous that we're living in the same area right now.  Could it be possible that we'll grow into grumpy old bags together?  Could it be possible that I'll babysit their kids (when they decide to have some)?  ahhh who cares.  So sweet that they came out for my little girl's special day.

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