Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Colvin Run Mill

Yesterday we tried to visit Colvin Run Mill and the holiday train exhibit.  But we arrived a week early.  So we just checked out the water wheel.

Kaio found it fascinating for a whole minute. Then he proceeded to climb the fence.

I explained that the water turns the wheel to generate power to press apples into cider.  But I might have just made that up.  They like apple cider so it caught the attention better than 'grinding flour' or what ever it really does.  I don't know because we didn't pay for the tour.

Nala found some digging spots.

She likes mud and dirt.  She also noticed lots of shapes.

And while she was into checking out the circles, diamonds and squares; Kaio wanted to climb on them.

A flower, confused by the 60 degree weather last week.

Cold but Pretty

That afternoon we picked up a Christmas tree and took it home to decorate.  Mari had an event and didn't come home till 9pm.  A night yoga session, meditation, alternate nostril breathing; cleansed me for the evening.  Followed by some delicious love.  Overall a very full day!

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