Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today Nala Discovered Her Elbow

Today Nala discovered her elbow.  I watched the fascination climb over her face as she contemplated the solid roundness.
She pointed to my bulging elbow, "This is a big el-bow....."
Then she rubbed the joint on her wrist, "and this is a little el-bow."
I had to giggle that something as negligible as an elbow grabbed her attention and amazement.

Then Kaio turned into a propeller airplane

Lately I've been submerged in the mire of Finding a Preschool.  Basically, I just really want her to paint, make the mess elsewhere.

Finding a preschool, midyear, for a 2yr old born after September 30th bears limited selection.
We visited six different schools.  A school that looked perfect ended up being a dud of an experience.  A teacher ordered kids to draw in the lines with three designated colors. The administrator yelled at kids in the hall as they shuffled from class to class, and kicked their jackets out of the way as she walked the halls.  That was all I needed to see.

Yesterday Nala and I found one we liked, an in-home play based pre-preschool.  Kids her age, lots of toys, circle time and art activities (without being wedded to the final product).

Speaking of activities.  This is what the kids talked me into picking up at TJ's this evening:

To my surprise, Kaio designed the gingerbread man by looking at and copying the image on the box.  Which now makes me wonder, is school teaching him to emulate?  He always comes home with these really perfect looking art projects.  Personally I value creativity over conformity and feel that cleverness will get you farther in life.  Now I'm getting a little worried this could be a symptom of programs asphyxiating his originality.

Nala's acting like a recording artist.  Where she get's it from, I have no idea.

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