Friday, December 2, 2011

Pretty Holiday Magic

I think this will be the first year the kids remember the magic and get truly exited for the Christmas holiday.  The funny thing - I'm starting to get excited as well.

Krissee's Christmas Almanac
Teenage years : cynicism
College years : transition
Adult years : stress
Mommy years: starting to feel a bit like a little kid too!  

This year I'm not letting Christmas become stressful, at all.  We're going to enjoy it!  We've begun to establish some traditions.  Like, visiting the gas station on the corner of Rt50 and Jermantown Rd to see the collection of x-mas inflatables and Thomas the Tank Engine with a Santa Claus hat.  

Zoo Lights
This year we went to Zoo Lights.  Most Friday to Sunday night weekends between Thanksgiving and New Years Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) opens up the Zoo from 7-10pm or 5-9pm decorated with lights and concessions, including a mini ice-skating rink.

 My little tree huggers.

Botanical Gardens
My favorite time to visit the Botanical Gardens is after Thanksgiving.  Each year they create a holiday exhibit of buildings made out of plant materials. It's amazing, inspiring, enchanting.  Kaio loves the toy trains chugging through.

 This must be where the fairies live

Zebra and giraffe houses of course

The US Capital Building 

A working fountain 

National Museum of the American Indian in DC 

An energetic volunteer explained for us the process of creating the buildings.

The kids found this captivating.

Although they enjoyed crawling on the ground almost as much.

 And stomping on rainbows

Not surprisingly, this was the state of affairs on the ride home.

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