Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jungle Yoga in the House

Things have been crazy, crazy lately.  My work had a rif, laid off 70 people.  The two friends sitting next to me at the office were let go. Secretly I wish it had been me.

I'm younger, have a husband, and would just adore to stay at home with the kids while collecting unemployment.  
 Shhhhhh.  don't tell anyone I said that.  
The bank would also have to work with us to refinance our house at an affordable rate.....  wouldn't that be dreamy.

Too bad they kept me.
I'm younger, I probably make less money than my coworkers did.

So now I've been picking up the work of two people.  This includes late night calls with counterparts in the Philippines and Australia.  Every night this week I've been up till midnight working and meeting with folks on the other side of the world.
I asked Mariano to take over putting the kids to bed.
That helps although he's not too excited about it since it cuts into prime-time History Channel programing.

 We've been having a grand time playing in the snow this year.  The latest challenge being the kids swiping toys from each other.  Sometimes they share so good, but other times, I feel so damn chiche, "Give the (insert object) back to (insert kid).  You have to wait your turn."

Since when did I become a mom?  Like a repertoire of mom phrases paratroop into your vocabulary once the kids turn into kids.

We found an ice rink that is reasonably priced and went last week for a skate.  Kaio picked up on it.  Nene loved the skating until she fell for the dozenth time and then started to cry.
They both want to go back.

I've been getting in the habit of soaking our grains since reading this post in Nourishing Practices.  To my surprise, I actually feel a notable difference after eating.  We eat tons of grains cause they're cheaper.  And Kaio likes them.  Typically I can only eat them one or two days a week and then my taste buds just totally turn off to them and I end up going out for lunch.  They feel heavy in my belly after eating.  I get lethargic and just generally don't want to eat anymore.
But since we've been soaking with whey, I can eat tons of grains and enjoy them to the last bite.  They must be digesting easier.
This is awesome cause it means I haven't been spending money going out to eat at lunch or dinner.
This month is all about saving cash for something exciting.  Not sure what.  but something exciting.

Nene's the sweetest little thing in the world.  She went outside, planted a stick, and watered it for half an hour. Repeating: "Nene's watering the plants, mamae."  When I asked her what kind of plant it was: "It's a cake plant."  Then she went off searching for presents to leave for the tree fairies.    
 That is the spot where our bee hive will go.  We started the first class last weekend.  I also ordered a dozen coturnex quail eggs!  We'll have our baby birds hatching in about a month!  yikes.  I'm imagining the pitter patter of baby quail feet.
 I missed my weekly yoga class and took a shot at doing the yoga at home.  I almost got through a vinyasa, when the kids turned me into their own jungle gym.  Introducing Jungle Yoga.
 Bad hair morning, but cute munchkins.

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