Monday, February 21, 2011

drum and bass or trance, or jungle, or something...

getting older I don't feel driven to go out on the town as much.  For the last few weekends I've been completely content sleeping at 10:30 on Friday and Saturday nights.  We have the fortunate situation of a live in baby sitter most nights.  My mom lives downstairs, so if she is home for the night, then we can cut out after putting the kids to bed.  It's a pretty sweet deal that we try to take advantage of often.  It can be exhausting to be a party animal and then get woken up by kids at 7am.  We'll sleepily turn on a movie or cartoons for them and then go back to bed.  Being tired on the weekend after I'm tired all week sucks.  So we hadn't been out in a while.
Friday night Mari wanted to go out dancing.  Quite a role reversal since I'm typically the one itching to experience the city.  I passed out in bed though, thinking about one of my friend's facebook post, 'lazy lazy weekend.  too lazy.  what a waste of my youth and beauty.'
I drifted to sleep, conscious enough to realize I just hammered the final nail in the casket of youth and beauty.

So then last night, after dinner at my brother's (frog legs, homemade wine, and a mouthful of politics) and then tucking the kids in bed, I made the effort to get dressed up and head out.  Mari was still down and we ventured to Georgetown for a change of pace.  Looking for a bar with dancing, we stumbled upon a new one.  You have to walk through a short dark alley way, the sound of bass pumping the walls above.  The dance floor was super small and intimate, right up in front of the DJ booth.  The music was drum and bass or trance, or jungle, or something... I'm so out of touch with modern music genres.  It was good though, I know that.
Mari made friends with the male bar tender and our fist two rounds were on the house.  Sweet.  Right in line with our budget :).
Mari and I usually dance latin so we were out of our element. While Mari chatted with the bar tender, I studied the foot work of the good dancers, and thought about enrolling in a zumba class.

For hours Mari and I chatted and danced. I went to the bathroom and realized my shirt was buttoned a little too high for the scene and I could get away with loosening up a bit.  When I came back Mari didn't comment that he noticed, but he did begin talking about wanting to do me.  lol.

Then next time I went to the bathroom I decided on another outfit adjustment - to put my hair in low pigtails.  This time when I came back Mari started to say, "you look just the same as when..." but then we kissed and he didn't finish telling me when.
He looks the same to me too.

The kids take up so much of my attention, and I realize Mari and I don't get much time to connect beyond sharing glances of adoration when the kids do something cute.  I have to say that it is so nice to get out of the house and focus solely on each other; to create a special memory that is just ours and not dependent on the little ones.

He swept me onto the floor in front of the dj booth, packed with people.  I can't keep a beat and by this time - tipsy. He led me to the rhythm.  I was just smitten.  

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