Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Girl Sprout

Last summer Nene got a pair of blue sandals with bands on the back that kept her feet from slipping out.  The sandals were too small, and after a day of wearing them, she developed some little red blisters in between her big toes and second toes.  She kept wearing them.  She insisted on wearing them.  Yup, at 18 months she already started making sacrifices for the sake of fashion.    I know I did that... as a teenager!
She's such a girly girl.  It makes me a little peeved sometimes.  Especially about the Pink.  
What is it with the pink?  

I think it boxes girls into a mindset and category, and stifles their creativity.  I purposely tried to steer her away from it; forbade relatives from gifting pink outfits. 
This is how she dressed to go to the farm!  There's a fake cell phone in her purse and a change of shoes!
Of course it totally backfired and she's just as much of a pink nut as any other mainstream girl.  She started asking me for pink around 12 months.  Before she could really talk.  One day when I picked her up from daycare she handed me one of the other girl's pink jacket.  She pointed and moaned.  The daycare lady said, "She's trying to tell you that she wants a pink jacket."  As if I didn't know, it was obvious.  
Now, if she sees something pink, be it a rag, a bag, a hat, a piece of plastic; she'll grab it and declare it hers.
Now she's obsessed with princesses!  oh man, just like Kaio's obsession with trains.  

So here's my wedding dress.  slightly adjusted to a strapless version.  I wanted a dress that I could continue to wear to events, not just to the wedding.
I took it out to wear on New Years to a friend's pre-party.  When Nene saw me in it, she flipped out! "Mine, Mine! Nene's Princess Dress!"
She started crying and crying tears inconsolably.  It was the most ridiculous reaction. But seriously honest and not manipulative.  She was so upset and I couldn't bear it.  Finally I said, "ok, you can wear it, but it is too big for you."
I tried to put it on her.  She kept tripping over it, but made an effort.
Then she said, "i need kiki.  kiki."
Kiki is her word for milk.  Milk?  what was she talking about?
She pleaded and pleaded.  Then it clicked.  She wanted a bra!
I gave her one of mine.
"No. it's too heavy.  Nene kiki."
Omg.  Where could I find a bra for a two year old?
I ran and got her little orange bikini top.
yup. that's what she wanted.  No more tears.
so simple.  yet so wild to think that she wants a bra!

 We're both on a ride that's going way to fast.

Kids checking out Time Square and chasing pidgeons.

Nene's got her own sense of style.  It's gotta be a dress.  She only wants to put it on if it's a dress.

 Me, a mom.  I still feel like a girl, myself.  The photo of the photo of me at 20, Sha-Krissee, braided extensions made of chenille yarn.  I used to be so cool.  I love that pick cause I was so wide eyed to the world, like an explorer charting new lands.  I'm pretty sure I was an explorer in a past life cause I love imagining that I'm the first one to discover a place, no matter how small.

I love this photo.  She's runing through the house with heels on, a shopping cart, babystroller, backpack with cell phone.  She's got necklaces on and a tiara, that you can't see. Baby's falling out of the stroller, but she's on the hunt for some big sale.  Gotta get there before the other mom does!  
Is she really my girl?  I'm not that materialistic, am I?

October 2009, before she fell into the Pink Trap.

She was so precious, so precious, but not a heavy sleeper like Kaio.

I couldn't attend the famous inaguration cause it was 15 degrees outside and Nalini only a month old.  If it had been over 35, I totally would have taken her there.

my boobs were so big.

Moments after the little princess was born.  did I really just call her a princess?!
Kaio's a big boy too.  Here he is on the way to catch the school bus to school.

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