Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ski Vacation w/ Kids

In front of some slopes in Lake Placid ,NY

As much as I did not want to shell out $85 for a day of childcare, I have to say that it was totally worth the opportunity to ski on the slopes all day long.  The clear air, mountains, blue sky, snow covered trees and peaks.  Being outside, completely focused on the nature and the slopes served as the greatest parenting therapy.  It felt like one of those therapeutic retreats.   So I'm gonna say that next year I will not even think twice about putting Nala in the daycare and putting Kaio in the Ski and Play.  I'm such a a cheap skate that the extra money was really hard to swallow.  But I'll just have to factor it into the cost of a ski vacation. 
The first day we rented skis for Nala and Kaio and took them out with us.   Mistake.  Nala's too little.  As much as she loved ice skating, skiing seems too fast.  She started crying on the bunny slope area.  I returned her gear after just an hour.  She really did not like going fast and being out of control.  I think we'll have to get one of those harness leashes for her and teach her how to break before she'll enjoy skiing.  
On the other hand, Kaio loved going fast out of control.  He loved skiing when we would let him on his own.  The first day he had a grand old time with Mari out on the slopes, but he would not stop or wait, he would just launch himself away and wipe out eventually.  It scared and frustrated Mari, who doesn't have much patience for Kaio's shenanigans. 
I was determined to get some skiing in on these world class slopes, so the next day we threw some money at the problem!
Kaio with instructor teaching him the pizza break technique
We put Nala in the daycare and Kaio in the ski and play, where he had two ski lessons during the day  and the instructors taught him the pizza breaking.  But all the technique in the world wont help you if you lack judgment!  He just didn't want to stop, ever.  On our last run of the day, I took him out and let him free ski to the lodge, without holding him back.  He skied straight into a trash can. Crash!  He wasn't going fast, and I let him do it because I thought that when faced head-on with an impending object, then he would start to break.  But he didn't, he just kept going full speed.   Crash! 

There were some women near by who gasped, "Are you ok?!"  we were asking.  

He shook himself off, "That was fun!"  

One of the women cracked up hysterically, "He's so cute."
A frozen waterfall
'He's something'  I was thinking.  God please help me teach him some sense before he grows up and auditions for Jackass.

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