Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ode to My Family

Lately I've been revering in their uniqueness and how strong their personality traits are already.  Wondering if these traits will continue into their adult lives.  Well, here they are, my kids:

Kaio is four years old.
a lover, who will look you in the eyes and try to make you laugh, kiss you repeatedly if you are hurt until you crack a smile.  Affectionate, concerned, shares the good moments with the people he loves, likes to hug and squeeze and play in tight spaces, never takes anything seriously, loves trains, interested in how that works.   Good at puzzles, video games, spacial thinking, building with Legos.  Loves Uncle Mike and his grandma.
Doesn't like to follow directions, but likes to figure things out himself.  Stubborn, wants justice, insists on being in control.  Climber, jumper, daring, adventurous, independent, not afraid to stray from the pack.  Always ready to get up and go out for a walk or trip.  Loves riding the school bus.  Likes learning on his own terms.  Does not like to sit still. Frustrates easily but very determined and persistent. 
Afraid of masks and monsters.  Likes airplanes, helicopters, bugs.  Likes to sleep late.  Loves going to parties, but does not like being around too many strangers.  Takes a minute to get comfortable in new situations. But is friendly with new people in small doses.    
Speaks in Portuguese some of the time and understands most phrases.   
I think he'll be a rock climber activist who likes to travel.  

Nala is two years old now.
Precious.  Gentle, delicate, happy. Loves being held upside down.  Interested in music, especially drumming.  Wants to follow in the footsteps of her big bro, but more carefully calculates risk.  Very girly.  Likes dresses and princess shoes, jewelry, makeup, baby dolls, purses, shopping carts, cell phones.  Loves to draw and paint with both hands.  Clingy and loyal to her mom and select others.  Likes to dance and watch dancing.  Wakes up early. Eats everything.  loves bubble baths.  Adjusts easily to new situations and groups.  Convinces her big brother to go play with her.  Party animal.  
Asks for foot massages at bed time.  Does not like to be alone.  Stays close to mommy and follows directions and instructions.  Easy going.  Speaks in sentences in English but only has a couple words in Portuguese.  Uses words to argue when she does not want to do something.  Listens attentively to instructions, answers questions, asks questions, likes to learn.
I think she'll be a musician, artist, and good student.  

And here is for my lover

Mari is a 27 year old Accountant.
loving.  Caring, receptive, honest, trustworthy, a good listener.  Always ready to go.  Always affectionate.  Funny and light hearted.  Likes watching the History Channel and shows with commercials targeted at old men.  Likes mowing the grass, cutting wood, and making trips to the grocery store or hardware store.  Brewing beer and wine.  Interested in politics and leans Conservative.  Philosopher, debater, thinker.  Likes to relax and enjoy the day.  Works for money not for pleasure. Under achiever but dedicated to his responsibilities.  Wants to sail, ride motorcycles, travel to exotic places, live off the grid, learn more languages.  Likes reggae music, international music, dub, alternative, singing karaoke, cooking and grilling.  Doesn't like to clean.  Need to be prompted to do chores, etc.  
I think Mari will be a teacher, brew master, entrepreneur or business partner in some new thing

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