Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Living a Riot

He insisted a coat was unnecessary

Oh man have I been looking forward to the days when the kids would play together, independently without needing prompting from me and Mari.  Looking forward to being able to relax on the sidelines.  Well that day has certainly come, but with some added consequences!  

The kids are great friends.  They play together, laugh, hold hands, hug, wrestle, turn into partners in crime.  They even sleep in the same bed now (both on the bottom bunk).  But, lately more trouble has been brewing.  They are such buddies that they keep each other super hyper.  They don't stop playing at night.  I can't get them to sleep.  One of them will start talking and then the other, back and forth.  If I walk away for a minute then one will climb over to the other and they'll start tickling or giggling.  For the last couple nights they have been up until 11pm.  I don't know what tactic to take! 

If I leave the room, then they play with even more rambunctiousness.   If I stay in the room, they keep still but turn into chatter boxes.  Two nights ago, Nala would not stop talking even when I asked her to be silent.   They were having a riot.  I sure didn't want to be the party pooper, but it did start to tick me off as the minutes passed.  They were girlfriends having a sleep over.  

I Need to figure out how to put them to bed now with this new energy that has surfaced!
They cleaned all the leaves off the deck and hauled

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