Monday, March 1, 2010

How to get laid when co-sleeping

Over at a friend's house on New Years it came out that Nalini was still sleeping in bed with us.  One of my girlfriends, who is also a mom, looked at Mari and I and said, "how does that work?"  Mari responded totally nonchalantly, "oh we just push her over to the side and that's that."  
I think that most mainstream people believe that co-sleeping ruins the intimacy in your relationship.  But I don't think that is the case for us.  We find all kinds of creative places to get it on while the kids are sleeping.  A couple lucky days we have even met up at home at lunch time for a quickie.  That is super romantic.  
I have found that after a few days of a dry spell I get cranky and irritable.  The biggest challenge is finding a night when I'm not completely exhausted!   But when we do it always pays off because we are extra playful and loving the next day.  
What I really don't get is how those parents with 10 children ever find time to procreate more!

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