Friday, March 12, 2010

Working Overtime Blues

Not happy about how much I have been working and preoccupied with work.  For the last 2 weeks I have been swamped, and also been unable to 'leave it at the office'; I am always thinking about work!  It is awful simply awful.  Today I had to explain to Nalini's daycare that the reason that I didn't bring milk for Nalini was because I was too busy to pump.  What kind of mother am I to be too busy to provide milk to my baby?!  It is bad enough that I have to give it to her through a machine instead of my breast.  I couldn't believe that I thought being too busy was a valid excuse.  They also told me that she cries at 5:30 when the parents start to come and puts on her jacket by herself and goes to wait by the door.  My little baby wants me.  I usually don't see he until 6:30 when Mari brings them home.  That only gives me an hour and a half of play time with them, and usually I have to spend it making dinner.
It is no life, and def not a good work life balance.  I am lobbying to get a work from home day to cut down on driving and prep for work time.   I really need to keep good on my New Year's resolution to do more yoga because it creates an opportunity to turn off the work noise for a bit.  That noise has been incessant for the last few weeks.  I never want to forget that my kids are much more important than my silly job, but it has been tough lately as I gain high-profile responsibilities and tasks.  Need to keep myself in check and not get carried away with it all.  Need to cut my hours down to 40 per week!

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