Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jon and Kate + 8

So even though I don't usually pay attention to pop culture news, I somehow stumbled upon the gossip that Jon and Kate are getting divorced and this info is rattling me. I only saw the show 1.5 times or so, I didn't really like it because I thought Kate was a bit obnoxious, but I remember thinking that I identified with them a bit. Young couple, very chill easy going dad, serious and ambitious mom, thrown into a situation over their heads, but yet making it work together in unique ways. But now this, once happy couple, filled with magic, is folding under the pressure of life, work, and kids, despite having access to all of the resources provided through their show. It scares me. Because it makes me wonder if it is really possible to have a healthy, happy, foreverrelationship in this society. I guess it doesn't help that my parents are divorced, and so I lack roll models. I guess I worry, if Jon and Kate couldn't do it even with all their money and support, how are we going to make it?
Me and My man diverge frequently and more lately, more prominently. But perhaps, unimportantly. What I mean is that even though we now have very distinct and different views on politics, the environment, and religion - you know, those really big things. You usually wouldn't be attracted to someone who didn't jive with you on those topics - it doesn't seem to matter so much. We playfully and passionately argue about them occasionally and then happily go about our business. I just hope that as we continue to diverge, we remain devoted, respectful, and enchanted. I've heard that it is tough.

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