Monday, July 27, 2009

getting used to 'it' : the mess

Are things getting easier, or have I just gotten used to 'it'? I say 'it' because i'm not really sure what to call my situation. It's not chaos, because there is some semblance of a structure and schedule to our days: work, eat, read, water the plants, sleep, work, etc. However there's not much order either. I mean, today Kaio ate dinner sitting on the couch in the toy room, fixated on the dora video that my man put on. We usually don't watch tv, but... Today it happened. Then the baby magically fell asleep at 7:30 and I was able to focus on reading some Dr. Seuss with Kaio. At first he cried at the thought that his dora escape would end. But that quickly faded once he saw Sam-I -am in Green Eggs and Ham. By 10pm everyone was in bed. Well, except me, but I'm too excited about having some alone time, where I'm not completely burnt-out exhausted, to actually sleep during it! So I thought that I would take the opportunity to boast about the fact that I found the space last week to make it to two yoga classes, and all that with only one meal out of the house! So again I ask, are things getting easier after 7 months of twice the work? Or am I just used to 'it'? 'it' being the mess. But I'm not going to complain about it because I'm actually feeling happy with things. Probably a lot having to do with the fact that I'm mailing my application to acupuncture school tomorrow. And also because the family is so sweet. This morning Kaio came in bed with us early and he whispered in my ear "Hi Mom", then snuggled up to me and fell asleep. Nalini chased after me and crawled into the bathroom while I was peeing... she had this big grin on her face, like, 'I made it, I'm here.' Then tonight when I was moving her from our bed into her crib she woke up and started crying, and I started singing to her without picking her up. She actually fell asleep like a sweet little baby. And tonight my man and i were talking about my parents or them being divorced or something, i forgot how the conversation started. Well he said that if we ever got divorced then he wouldn't remarry because he doesn't think he would ever be able to find a girl as good as me. Then he started to go into all the reasons why, some of which were sweet and maybe true, and some that were silly.
uh oh, I hear Kaio rusting around in his room, so maybe he didn't go to sleep and I spoke to soon. Well, thanks for listening.

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