Saturday, January 28, 2012

Entering the Season of Learning

What's the point of going to school?  If happiness and living in the moment is our true goal, then why spend money to enroll in school or stay up late studying and driving towards a different goal? Why plan for something?  Shouldn't we just enjoy where we are at, here and now, and not venture for more?  

As I'm diving into the deep ancient wisdom of the East, I'm realizing that all mothers seek a life of learning.  Some mothers teach and guide, some blossom in a career, some spend late nights researching parenting inspiration on the internet.  I believe all mothers intend to learn endlessly.  And it is this growth, though difficult at times, that enriches our individuality and contribution to the community and world.
This winter the family is all orienting towards knowledge.  

I'm studying Hatha yoga, acupuncture and Chinese herbology.

Mari's begun volunteering translating educational Khan Academy lessons to Portuguese.  Plus he's been involved in a guy's club for the last couple years that gathers to discuss philosophy and culture.

Kaio's started a Lego robotics course and likes it so much my mom wants to get him the homeschool kit.  

He also plays soccer on the weekends.

Nala's begun preschool and takes a weekly dance class and music class.

But today we all played hookie and enjoyed a rare 65 degree day in January.

The tree across the street that looks like a bridge.  Nala needed me to cross with her the first time.  The second time she asked for me to stand on the ground and hold her hand as she crossed, and the third time she crossed on her own with some help from branches.  No surprise Kaio danced and jumped on it with no fear.

Inside they shared a plate of strawberries.

Then the sun came out and we took off for Great Falls Park.

And they went bouldering.

Which started to freak me out.

Nala took a picture of me.

Inside the visitor center she found a phone. What is it with girls and phones?

Kaio found a spot for his angry bird lego.

And then we ran into a short lecture about a corn snake.  This one came from one albino parent.  When the ranger asked if we knew what the snake eats, Nala piped up in her tiny fast voice, "Baby birds."

He chuckled with surprise, "Yes they can eat baby birds, they can climb up a tree into the nest and eat them."

I'm amazed she remembers the sneaky snake who ate our baby quails.  I'm always amazed by what they remember, especially the things that happen when they're so young.

But really, I'm amazed by how much you can learn when you're not trying to learn at all.

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