Thursday, January 12, 2012

Get'n Crafty

I guess it's inevitable: you stop working the 9-5 and you start getting crafty.  My first sewing project in ages, inspired by Kaio's latest Angry Birds obsession and lack of funds after the holidays to spend on commercial products.  I'm calling this guy a "Fiery Fowl."  Good news is my client is happy and has contracted me for three further projects.  Shows how important 7th grade Home Ec (my favorite class in middle school and I got an A) can be in the real world.  Can you tell I'm still so proud.

Nala's getting ready for 7th grade with some Luna Star play makeup.

She looks like a raccoon.

And I'm realizing this blog's incredibly therapeutic.  No matter how rough a day has been with arguments, messes, emotions, etc; I can post the nice pictures of cute moments and feel like we're a functional family.  Focusing on the positive.  Breathing though all the rocky times that have already come this year with our full schedule since I've started evening classes and Nala's started preschool two days a week.  The months when my mom is away really make me realize how great it is to have her around, yah know.

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