Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sh#t Krissee Says

Ok, this is going to sound bad, but I'd rather clean up sh#t than go back to work.

Me thinks the economy must be picking up because I've been receiving lots of calls about job prospects in the last two weeks.  Ironic that I have no desire whatsoever to call any of them back. I guess I'll take time with kids over money.  I'll keep funding coming by selling old stuff on ebay and old books on Amazon until we're out of stuff to sell.

Then.... Just as I finished writing that I got frantically summoned to the bathroom to fetch a boy out of the bath.  Half an hour ago said boy made a big poopy mess and I asked him to bath instead of wipe.  You know...  Well I didn't realize it but the mess was not confined to the bathroom.  I came back to the computer and saw a... you know (mashed mess!)... right where I had been sitting.  My jeans were covered in... you know.  Gross! So gross.  That makes two days in a row cleaning up poop.  Yeah, the other one had a mess in her pants yesterday.

So, I'm sanitizing the room and my fresh-from-the-bath-clean-damp puppies are wrestling on the bed, giggling.

I declared, "Everyone is in trouble."

"ohhh... no we're not in trouble.  Other people are in trouble." Kaio retorted.

Me: "Yup, mama's mad, I'm cleaning up poop in my room, everyone's in trouble." I said, totally mater-a-factually.

"No, all the mamas are in trouble." Nala said with a huge smile.

The amazing thing: as I'm cursing and cleaning poop off myself and the floor, peering at the stains on the laminate and trying to determine if that one is a poop print or some other substance (like a squished strawberry or mud), my brain pondered the thought: should I call those recruiters back?

Naw... Still no inclination to dial the phone.

I guess I'd rather clean up shit than go back to what I was doing before!

Just the fact that I have time and energy to clean up poop without getting extremely aggravated, is amazing.

The kids often make a mess with legos on the floor, and not always want to clean them up when I want them up.  I remember the first time I knelt down to tidy them myself and actually loved it.  Why?  Because I realized I could do it!
I could just sit there and pick legos off the floor, instead of being pulled out of the moment by thoughts and paranoia around all the other things that needed to be caught up on.

Maybe I'm getting stupider or something, but I just adored picking those legos off the floor.  Time is a tremendous gift and I really treasure having more of it at home.  So much so, that I'm looking forward to the summer when the kids are out of preschool and we resume our day trips to DC and parks.

Picnicking in the kitchen

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