Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brazil Diary - Life Over Buildings

From the neglected buildings, the miracle of life somehow takes root.  Life spouts and thrives over our forgotten spaces.

In the old parts of the city, plants emerge from crevices.

The walls of the city breath with life erupting despite unobliging conditions.

Squatting in abandoned buildings, the jungle ventures to reclaim the city.

This next building has a bit of a story.  It had a large tree growing inside of it (taller than four stories high).  Through the windows you could see a jungle of vines and plants.  Last year a group of artists used the building to create an exhibit of local photographers displaying their work, and specifically used this space to spotlight the appreciation for old architecture and cultural identity.   The exhibit is now closed, but still visible from the outside.

It had been a ritual of mine to visit this building every trip to Brazil and photograph it.  I'd been really looking forward to taking a picture of that huge tree.

Now I see how my magical building inspired the imagination of others as well.

Then this weekend I found this new forest growing:

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