Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brazil Diary - Trekking in Dunes and Swimming in Lagoons

Reason to visit Brazil.  A cheap afternoon trip to swim in dune lagoons.

I'm so white, and I covered myself in coconut oil before leaving in the afternoon.  Then also used an application of all-natural sunscreen.  Walking for 4 hours in the afternoon sun, next to the Equator, amazingly I didn't burn.  The only part of my body that i neglected to pass the coconut oil on (my belly), began to burn almost immediately.  Folks say that coconut oil is not a sun screen, but liberal application before and after sun exposure works for me. Mari was disappointed that I barely tanned my butt.

We hiked to four different lagoons.  Cashew fruit trees grew on the islands of flora.

This one had blue water.

Little yellow pioneer plants attempting to stake claim on the drying sedimentary sand.  The wind ruffles the sheets of the bed, holding their fate in its gust.

It'd be a beautiful place to get lost.

We stayed for sunset.

Two of the couples brought their little kids.  But I was glad we left ours with grandma.


  1. Lovely! I am just getting a chance to read about your trip. I agree, no kids was the way to go!

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