Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A real day in the life

Despite all the troubles, I decided that I really want to have another kid.  Kaio and Nala are so precious, each in their own ways.  I love their sweet and loving personalities, their perseverance and inquisitiveness.  I'm just so interested to see what other magical little creature could come out of us.  If only it wasn't for that whole being pregnant thing.  I'm just really not looking forward to 3 months of sleeping on my knees, with my butt in the air and my face pointed down at the bed.  That was the only position that felt comfortable.  And it leads to  waking up constantly with aching knees.

So I will hold out a bit longer, until Nala and Kaio can help out maybe.  Kaio does try to help.  But, today after nap he was a cranky brat.  Everything was no no no.  Every Monday afternoon we go to visit my Sister in Law's (brother's wife's) grandma at the assisted living community.  The kids call her Grandma Helen.  She has a pet iguana named Iggy.  They love going there and terrorizing Iggy, then eating the free popcorn and apples.

But today it took forever to get the kids out of the house after nap.  They woke up so difficult.  When we got there Kaio refused to get out of the car.  So I left him.  - Probably not what a good parent should do.  But I was getting so angry with him not following directions that I just needed to get away before I erupted.  So I took Nala and we went inside to find that Grandma Helen had gone to dinner already.  That made Nala very sad.  But she came back to the car.  Kaio was in the front seat by then.  I opened the door to get him back in the back and he started screeming about how he wanted to go inside and see Grandma Helen.  Then both of the kids parked themselves on the lawn having fits.

A car pulled up and asked, "Can we help you?"
They tried but Kaio was on another planet, beyond reach.  He was streaming tears and so I hugged him.  "What is going on with you?"

I wanted to take them somewhere to run around and tire out.  But they were on strike in the parking lot.  I sat in the car with the door open, telling myself to be calm and wait for them to be ready to transition.  Eventually Kaio came and sat in his seat.  Then I was able to get Nala in her seat.  What a relief to have them both safe in the warm car.

I was going to take them to the gym, but Kaio protested, "No I don't want to go to the gym.  No I don't want to go to the gym, Kaio doesn't want to go to the gym."  Over and over again.   I conceded and took them to a playground.  It was so cold out, that we couldn't stay long.  But we did run around for a bit until I smelled Nala's dirty diaper.  To Starbucks for warm soy milk and a bathroom.

The Starbucks was next to the gym.  After we left Starbucks the kids started whining about wanting to go to the gym!  They are so schizophrenic!  But there wasn't time and we had to get some groceries before heading home.

Kaio dropped his milk in the car and got his pants dirty.  When we got to Trader Joe's he had to pee so bad that i took him in the bushes in front of the car.  His pants were wet and I had to help him change there - in the dark cold.  At least I had a spare pair of clothes with me!

Mari met us at TJs and that was nice.  They both rode back home in his car.  I think they were sick of me!
Then he made some dinner and put them to bed so I could get some work done.

I heard a thump on the floor.  Turns out Kaio fell out of his bunk bed.  He is so mindless and crazy sometimes.  He rolls around in bed doing forward rolls while tangled in his blanket.  I bet that is how he fell.
I gave him the lecture about how at bedtime your head stays on the pillow and you sleep.  How this is his only body and he has to take care of it.  He was only partially paying attention.  probably dizzy from the fall.  hopefully he didn't get a concussion.  I have been waking him up periodically to check that he is not knocked out.

Today was a tough day.  Kaio seemed really out in space.  He would repeat the same things over and over again, and would look in lots of directions while talking.  It was kind of freaky.  He is not usually like that and I'm wondering what's going on.  Could it be from the Halloween candy yesterday?  He really did not have that much.  Well I hope that he is better tomorrow.  Nala was great today.  She got a lot of sleep last night and was over her short cold.

On the drive home from the grocery store I was thinking about how parenting would make a good video game.  There are so many challenges and adventures.  I feel like a won some points today and lost some.  
  • The successful trip to Starbucks for a diaper change + 10 points + 2 bonus points for spending under $5
  • Spilled milk in the car - 5, with + 3 for having a change of clothes on hand.
  • Kid fall out of the bunk bed -15
  • Enough energy to make love with the husband after the kids fall asleep +15
Now if only I could figure out how to create this game.  We could all play from our cellphones like farmville.

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