Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fun Fall Things to do in the DC Area with Little Kids

We are always on the move, as I get bored easily with the indoors.  Here is a compilation of recent activities that have been winners with the weather.

1. Go to a protest
In DC you can find a protest pretty much any given weekend, and probably many weekdays too.  The kids enjoy the signs, costumes, and funny people watching.  Here are some pics from a protest we went to recently.

2. Climb some ornamental trees

With all the well kept hotels and government money you are bound to run into a patch of prime climbing trees right in the middle of a federal employee lunch patio.  We did on a brisk afternoon and got the kids to spend some energy before the ride out of the city.

3. Take a fall bike ride
I can't believe that I held out on buying a bike chariot for so long.  We just got one late this summer and the three trips that we have made already are well worth the price.  Getting around by bike far beats other modes of transportation.  In autumn, I love the colors of the trees and the leaves falling on your face.  Fall is the most beautiful time of the year here.  The weather is perfect.  Bike out to lunch or take a picnic.  Go off roading - bumbumbumbumbum - lulls the kids right to sleep.

4.  Play with leaves
We've been having a grand time tossing leaves in the air, watching which way the wind takes them, examining different types of leaves and trying to determine their tree of origin.  Piles of dry colorful leaves are tones of fun!

5. Visit a church
Lots of churches everywhere.  I realized that my kids had never been inside one before.  Shame on me.  I'm trying to teach them about religion, and specifically prep them for the real meaning of Christmas, but I realized that I don't really know how to explain religion and God on their level.  So I took them on some field trips to see different churches: Catholic, Unitarian, Synagogue.  Two was about all they could handle before getting tuckered out and hungry so we just drove by the Synagogue.  I will definitely continue this tour at a later date because they did enjoy visiting the churches.  Lots of sensory opportunities: seeing the icons, smelling the flowers, touching the holy water, hearing the silence, practicing silence ourselves, and imagining the priest giving a sermon at the podium.

6. Take a trip to the Reston Petting Zoo
I love this place and we had such a fabulous time.  The only trouble is the kids did not want to leave!  So I recommend packing a lunch that you can picnic there. This is our second time going this year.  I'd say that it is even better on cold days when it is less crowded.   It is $10 a person for kids over 2.  So it is pricey.  But totally worth it if you love animals.  They are all very friendly, gentle, and touchable.  A safari ride is included in the admission.

7. Visit Frying Pan Park
Ok, these pictures are actually from the summertime, but we took a trip there a couple weeks ago, I just didn't have my camera.  We love Frying Pan Park Farm.  it is a real working farm with lots of animals.  Kaio gets the biggest kick out of the baby pigs and the silly sheep.
8. Take a stroll around the Reston Town Center

What a way to get that big city feel without having to pay for parking.  We just took a morning stroll to meet my brother and show off our Halloween costumes a couple days before Halloween.  The kids love to see the fountain.  We grabbed some orange juice from Panera Bread.

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