Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tattle Tails

I ran a bath for the kids today and left them there to play while tending to food in the kitchen.  Eventually screams and cries begin and I walk in.
Kaio whines, "Nala hit me!  She hit me mom. Nala, don't hit Kaio.  Bad baby."
I look at Nala, who turns 2 years old in a couple weeks.  "Nala, did you hit Kaio?"
She stumbles to state her case, "Kako....wet" as she points to her soaked hair.
"Kaio did you pour water on Nala's head?" I ask.
"Yes mom, I poured water on Nala's head."  He said, almost proud of himself.
"Ok, so now you see that she doesn't like it and that is why she hit you.  She doesn't like that.  and Nala, hitting is not nice.  Ok, everybody out of the bath."

It is just so funny to me that this is really happening.  The kids are playing, fighting, and tattling on each other.  I just want to laugh at how cute they are together.  Then the fact that I'm the authority, well that's pretty cute too.  I still do not feel like an adult yet.


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