Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Body Parts

Logically, because he is part Brazilian, Kaio likes butts.  However I did not realize how ingrained in his DNA this magnetism towards tooshes would be.  If he sees my butt, or the baby's butt, or even a doll's fabric butt from under her skirt, then he tries to touch it.  He gets that little happy giggle going and tries to stroke the butt.  He even completely embarrassed us at his daycare Christmas party when a 9 month old girl was standing up playing on a toy keyboard and he lifted up her skirt and slapped her on the ass.  Oh her daddy got a kick out of that :)
Nalini, since she is nursing, likes boobies.  She has just really got the hang of signing as an easy way to communicate and so she is always asking for milk.  Now when she she sees the boobs, she signs to ask for permission, and then she lunges at the boobs.  I remember that with Kaio I used to have to take a shower with my bikini on, because otherwise i would be taking a shower with a munchkin latched to my chest. i don't think it will come to that with the new baby because Nala is less demanding and more easily distracted away from the boob.  But with Kaio, no toy or treat could get him to change tragectery if he saw a nipple.  
Funny that now he has no recollection of how to nurse, at all. 

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