Monday, January 25, 2010

one of those tough days

What a tough day.  And it continues to be tough as I can hear Kaio not going to bed  it is almost 10pm and I can hear him playing in his room.  ugh, but i don't want to give him any more attention.  We started the bedtime routine at 8:30, so really this is enough.  I already had a morning of confusion when Kaio refused to go to daycare.
I just wish I had some kind of parenting muse.  One who would whisper sweet nothings, inspiring me to be witty, effective, confident, and GOOD at knowing what to do.  One that would inspire me to be one of those creative mothers who looks at the recycling bin and thinks of half a dozen projects that the kids would LOVE to do.
But it is not working out like that.  The kids didn't eat the healthy lunch that I fixed them.  The laundry is not folded, the kitchen is dirty.  Their lunch isn't ready for tomorrow.  I haven't eaten dinner yet.  And Kaio still isn't in bed.
The kitchen is really my barometer for the day.  When the kitchen is a mess, it means my life is a mess.  Maybe I should just go to bed and make this day end.  But, I have to wait for Nala's diapers to wash so that I can put them in the dryer so they will be ready for tomorrow.

oh no, now the baby is awake.  *sigh*

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