Monday, January 4, 2010

Always Making us Laugh

setting the scene for an update, with a lit candle and a wine glass of home brewed kumbucha tea.  i've also got a bowl of mac and 'cheese' - made with pureed carrot and squash.  and a side of raw milk yogurt.  sometimes i wonder if our ancestor's cultures all had their share of dietary rebels, or if the multiple branches and choices of dietary sub cultures is a product of our modern society.
Nala is such a sweet little thing.  Everything she does is just darling.  i could just look at her at any given moment and be amused.  for the last month or so, she has been all about sitting on things.  remember my obsession with finding her a rocking chair.  Well, she loves them, but she continues to just sit on anything that is a couple inches off the ground.  And it is so cute the way that she goes and plays with something, and then you see her look at it and decide that it is sit-able.  She'll turn around and look over her shoulder so that she can position her butt just right, then she'll look forward and for-better-or-for-worse plop herself down.  sometimes she misses and she has to try again.  when she gets it, she's satisfied and she'll stay there for a bit and then go find something else to do.
Kaio is a little sweet heart and a trouble maker.  i would do anything to make him smile and i even think that his mischievous smile is so cute that it is hard to get angry when i should discipline him.  Tonight when i picked him up from daycare there were some other kids throwing fits because they didn't want to leave.  good to know that other kids throw fits too.  He even said that he wanted to go potty on the toilet today.  Then at home, after bath, he did it again.  Mariano and him got into a fight because he wanted a present (I wrapped a bunch of little 2nd hand toys) for going pee-pee, but the presents are reserved for #2.  He started crying and screaming about the present.  Mari held his ground and I started to get worried that it was going to be so traumatic that he would not want to use the toilet anymore.  I almost went inside to tell mariano to just let him have the present.  Especially because Kaio was crying for me.  But, I restrained myself.  It's important to stand unified as parents or else you confuse the kid.  I'm not so good at it sometimes because sometimes i disagree with how harsh mari can be.  Maybe I'm just a push over, but it's probably partly from occasionally reading AP and progressive parenting stuff.  So I stayed out of the bathroom, and I'm really glad that I did because Kaio took a #2!  Mari has a way with coaxing and coaching him into it.  It must be a guy thing.  Then he was so proud and we had a round of hi-5s, even the baby participated.  Then she was so happy about the hi-5s that she started hi-5ing herself, which looked like clapping.

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