Thursday, January 22, 2015

American Art Museum

Dude,  I've been living in DC how many years?  Like 30, and I've never checked out this museum before.  It is awesome!  Off the beaten path for sure, not on the main Smithsonian row.  It's in China Town, just a block away from the metro.  Only two blocks away from the National Building Museum, so you could in theory hit them both up in one trip.  But in practice, I doubt that because there is so much to see at the American Art Museum!

We went to the 3rd floor for the Modern Art first.  I think this was called Lady Eats Icecream, or something like that.  She's eating a sundae and reading the Nat Enquirer.

Not crowded at all, even on a holiday. 

Neon across America

The artist caption explained that this piece represents the joy and freedom she felt the summer she was 17 years old 

Called "Children Playing"  reminded me of Shiva 

The kids were more interested in this art museum than any of the other ones we've been to visit.  They were asking me questions about the art works and really taking it in.

Plus the courtyard was the perfect place to run around without freezing your butt off outside! 

Glad someone is using those old fashioned tvs 

There was a bird exhibit of art inspired by birds that have gone extinct.  I wasn't allowed to take pictures in there.  But the exhibit features art on so many mediums, from installations, to crafts, to sketches, to technology.   We only made it to most of the 3rd floor with a break for lunch, but I'd love to return.  This museum is totally worth checking out.

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