Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year Goddess

Nala's 100% cooler than I will ever be.  I watch her, amazed by the innate grace she commands as she dances on the floor like a goddess.  She loves her family with abandon.  Despite them rarely seeing each other, last Christmas she made an ornament for my dad, because she loves her grandfather.  She gives us all kisses all day long.  She talks to Tori, begs to sleep right next to her because she loves her so much.  When Kaio says, "I love Tori but I don't like Nala."  I whisper to Nala, "He loves you, he just doesn't want to say it."  and she says, "I know."  Then turns to Kaio and says, "I know you love me you just don't want to say it."

Last night was New Years Eve and after a kid friendly party over at our friend Ria's house, we danced the night away until midnight.  I felt so full of love for the kids, each so unique.

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