Saturday, July 13, 2013

Flunked Power Yoga

Four people walked out of my yoga class today.  I had been feeling pretty elated about my yoga set this morning during my home practice and thought others would enjoy it too.  As the fourth person rolled up her mat and left, I began feeling deflated.  I pushed through a big smile though and tried to focus on the moment, even though the little voice in the back of my head was saying things like, "you must be really bad at this."

Well after the class was over, three ladies rushed at me with huge smiles and thank yous.  One lady went on about how much she enjoyed it, wondering when I would teach next so could she take all my classes.  I received sincere looks of gratitude from the chunk of people who had stuck through the whole class.

It is so nice to receive positive feedback.  It helps give me confidence that I'm not wasting someone's time.  I truly love sharing yoga with people, but it can be so stressful to put myself out there in front of a group.

The class I was teaching today was a Power Yoga class at a gym.  I don't really even know what a Power Yoga class is, and maybe that's the reason that people left.  I imagine they must be looking for a more high energy class than the one I cued.  But that's ok, I just need to always remind myself of the spectrum of different tastes.  Although one person may not enjoy it, there are many others out there who will.


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