Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not Guilty

Today I felt guilty.  Guilty for being able to stay home and hang out with the kids all day long.  For not having to rush around stressed out, constantly late.  For being able to live slowly and indulge in the world of childhood.

Then I realized I felt guilty when I was working too.  I felt guilty for making lots of money at something that came relativity easy.  Felt guilty for not loving my job enough to give 100%, but still climbing the ladder faster than some people who really cared. 
So what's the deal?  Do I need to suffer to live guilt free?  

Why would I want to suffer?  Does it bring some form of satisfaction or awakening?  

Why should you run a marathon when you could just stand on the finish line dancing?  

Maybe I should just take 'run a marathon' off of my bucket list.

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