Monday, November 21, 2011

Halcyon Monday

My brother arrived back home today.  He seemed ok.  Kaio cried in the parking lot in the rain when it was time to leave.

Nala dressed up in a ridiculous gaudy dress that my mom picked up on her last cruise.  She wanted me to take some pictures.  She covered herself in plastic jewelry and accessories.  Mari thinks she looks like a little gypsy.

Following some advice from Nischala Joy Devi, we erected an alter to remind us who we are, what we treasure and believe in.  She suggested incorporating the five elements (air, fire, water, earth, and spirit).  But fire just ain't working for us.  First of all, Mari thinks it's a fire hazard.  Secondly Kaio's turning into a pyro.  After a day of staring, fiddling, extinguishing and relighting; I just got too nervous.  He has not done anything wrong or set anything on fire.  I'm just too nervous that he might try to burn something (like I did as a kid).  I know myself well enough to not trust him with fire!  Isn't that awful?  So tonight we said goodbye to the fire, and I tried to explain it wasn't him, it was me being way too nervous and not trusting myself to remember to keep track of the fire and turn it off when we leave the room.

So I think we'll get one of those electric candles, or an image of fire... something safer.    

Warm drizzling rain, a long slow day.  Days like today I wish I could sing.  I lust for the gift of a beautiful voice.  I'd sing lullabies to the kids at night as they float off to dream.  

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